Judith Schröter

Lead Analyst – US Carbon & Global Offsets


Judith Schröter (1987) is an experienced carbon market analyst for several carbon markets around the world. During her studies of industrial engineering with a focus on energy markets, she started working at Tschach Solutions, a carbon market analytics company as the main analyst for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Over the following years, she developed forecasting and evaluation models for all offset markets around the world, including the Chinese and Californian Offset market. During that work the gained deep insight in the regulatory setup and particularities of all emission trading schemes which enables her to understand the particularities of each system. Based on that knowledge of international developments, Judith has been leading development of carbon market modelling and analysis for the expanded ICIS Tschach Solution product portfolio. In that role she used the approach of the Timing Impact Model to set up a market model and additional analysis for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and South Korea. Currently she is leading the US carbon analytics team as well as all offset analysis at ICIS Tschach Solution.